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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Random] Model Bronx Railroad

Check this out for yourself... a model railroad setup inspired by the Bronx, South Philadelphia, and the run-down parts of New Jersey. It's really quite impressive.

Following the link to the guy's own site is almost even MORE impressive.
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Wow. I'll have to show this to my Dad.. he loves trains, especially steam trains, and has a bunch of train model stuff he previously didn't have space for. Maybe this will encourage him to get started.

My brother and one of our friends and I have decided to get back into miniature gaming and just the other day I was waxing eloquent about how much we minigamers could learn from the train hobbyists - where we go now, they have probably been before.

I'll post up some pictures of our tables and scenery when we get some more done. If you want to see my first attempts at 15mm painting after not holding a brush in 10 years, check out my LJ pics.