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Riding, Roman

[Riding] Back to Banjo

(Yes, I'm several days behind on posting this. The puppy keeps her mommy busy!)

This week, I was back on Banjo. Not because of any problem with Roman, but because we're working up towards cantering. (And because Banjo had only been ridden by children for about two weeks, and they'd been cutting him more slack than even /I/ do; Kara wanted someone who would actually use the crop even a little bit, as the kids don't at all.)

We didn't canter this time; it was mostly just work on fine-tuning my balance. I had to ride laps in two-point, ride laps in down-down-up, and ride laps in up-up-down (which, for whatever reason, was a great deal harder for me to time). Two-point along one edge of the ring? No problem. But after two and a half times around the ring in two point, my thighs were /aching/.

Then I had to trot a course with two possible paths, where I'd only be told JUST before the turn which I needed to take. Either way, it ended by looping back to the beginning, and we'd start over. We rode that about ten or so times, before coming to an end and getting to just walk and cool down.

Overall, Banjo and I both got a real workout; by the end, we were both pretty tired. Of course, the problem was that Banjo -- half Norwegian Fjord, half something else -- is a furry little monster. He has a coat like a golden retriever puppy, all thick and light and curly. (And this is AFTER he's been trimmed once, god help us. It grew back.) He was utterly matted with sweat, and it took more than an hour to groom him, scrub him down, evaporate the sweat, wash him, dry him with a hair-dryer, and groom him again. Whew! I have a lot of sympathy for FJ having ridden him the other week.

Roman, of course, was somewhat perturbed that I was around so late but paying attention to (*gasp* horror!) ANOTHER HORSE. He expressed his opinion of this loudly and irritably. After a while he gave up, but evidently I was forgiven when I still brought by his customary apple and carrot. Then I finally dashed home, much later than I had hoped.

My poor puppy was at home alone, since I couldn't find a puppy-sitter. She was very, very cross with me when I got home. I am definitely going to try and find a puppy-sitter next week, since it sounds like I'll be on Banjo for a while as we work up towards cantering...

I also spoke more to folks about potentially half-leasing Roman next year, once I'm ready for more intermediate lessons. And more and more it sounds like something I'm going to want to do. Roman is 'my' horse (and I guess I'm 'his' human), so it seems like it might be a good match...


Eventually puppy will have to be left alone at times, no? May as well get her used to it now. My daughter's two doxies were alone at home while she and her husband worked - she used pee pads until they were housebroken.

And I had a feeling Roman would eventually be 'your' horse. You two are a good match. :)