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[Puppy] Heart Attack...

So, had a kind of rough and stressful day to begin with.

Then, puppy got kind of bratty while I tried to walk her a little bit... pulling at the leash so hard you could hear it making her gargle, which worried me. As I bent down to check on her, someone walked by on the other side of the street, and she tried to pull free and go say hello... straight in front of a car. Just about giving her mother a heart attack.

I panicked, pulled her back, and picked her up. She squirmed around in my arms, fidgeting and fussing and yapping... and managed to push her way free as I tried to hold onto her. She fell and landed on one leg with a yelp and then curled up and cried. Cue another heart attack. I picked her up, brought her in, and held her on my lap to reassure her. She fussed and was upset with me, but finally calmed down and curled up.

She was limping a little bit afterwards when I let her down, and I worried that she might be hurt. But she didn't act hurt when I touched her leg, and now she seems not to be limping anymore. She's climbed up onto the couch and gone to sleep.

I am a relieved mommy.
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