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[Puppy] Big Puppy!

(I will make a horse post for yesterday later on, if I have time. I did ride, though.)

Claire is getting to be a very big puppy. She's gone for very short walks near the house, and is still being carried on a daily walk. She does still have enough energy to exhaust her mommy, though! And we're not quite there on housebreaking, yet...

She's very social: she wants to go say hi to everyone she meets. She's met children at the Market and while walking, and is very tolerant of them patting her and feeling her ears and stuff, and will lick them on the nose and make them laugh. And of all the other animals she's met, she only doesn't get along with one dog and one cat, both of whom decided they didn't like her. The other dogs and cats she's met, she's doing fine with.


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