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Glare, Grouchy

[Life] Card theft!

So, today I get a little letter in the mail. I open it, and find:

Dear Valued Cardholder,

We are writing to provide you with a replacement Washington Mutual ATM/Visa Check Card and inform you about a situation that affects the security of your current card.

Visa recently informed us that the information on your Washington Mutual ATM/Visa Check Card was revealed to unauthorized persons by a company that processes ATM transactions (not affiliated with Washington Mutual). Visa has not informed Washington Mutual of the name of the company involved, nor will this information be provided to us.

< Lots of info on what to do next, etc... >

Not going to provide the name? Dammit, I want to know who so I can ensure I never use that ATM or Point-of-Sale service again! Grmph.

I'm reasonably good. I don't leave receipts anywhere without shredding the card number, I try not to make it easy to steal my ID info, and I only do online purchases from places with strong crypto. And now the ATM companies are giving away the card info??

Ugh. Gotta change aaaall my services over to the new card, etc. Whee...


Yeah, I do know the Track 1 / Track 2 stuff; I used to have to write cardreader software for the arcade platform that a number of companies (including 'lith) were working on. I was the poor sap responsible for arranging for all the custom hardware (joystick stuff, card reader stuff) and writing the low-level drivers for it.

Fishing is another annoyance, but I just ignore all those mails. I'm just cheesed about the breach being way beyond anything I could've dealt with by being cautious. :(
Right. And the back-end security for a lot of these financial services and institutions sucks. Seriously, I don't think I've ever audited one that wasn't terrible. Visa and MasterCard have some basic standards that people are supposed to implement to do transaction processing, but many of them fail at that, or comply for the audit alone and then go back to doing whatever insecure convenient thing they were doing before.

One of the banes of my line of work is knowing that even if you're spectacularly paranoid about your data, the centralized systems aren't. Sigh.
I can understand how you feel! >_<
Are there a lot of ATM companies that you can switch to? There really aren't many here! That's why its a little IFFY! >_<