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FF Sparks (Techy), Geek

[Geek] Dalek Dalek TRUCK!

If you are a Doctor Who fan (especially of the new series), and are familiar with the infamous 'Llama Song,' you must go here right now.

Well? I said right now, what are you waiting for?


Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeeheeheeheeheeheeheeeheeeheeeeee*?breathe**ack**pass out*
I'm going to be singing "Dalek Dalek TRUCK!" all day under my breath.
Have you heard the BBC are making another series, Torchwood (guess what that's an anagram of, which is gonna be like a darker version of Dr Who, following Captain Jack. :D
No, I hadn't! I thought Jack was due to become a companion again in the second season...
I think he still will be. Torchwood is supposed to be shown between seasons. I have a feeling it might be a look into Captain Jack's life pre-meeting up with the Doctor.

Oh, and the original Llama Song is very funny too. I shall go sing it to my neighbourhood alpacas (I think the Dalek Song would alarm them, and I don't want to alarm a llama, for fear of annoying the llama farmer and upsetting the llama karma.)
Have you ever seen a llama, Dalek llama, robot llama, evil Dalek kills the llama, llama Dalek TRUCK!