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Puppy, Claire

[Puppy] Teatime!

My puppy has turned into a tea-addict!

The puppy got into my tea earlier today when I accidentally left the cup witihin reach. When I took it away, she howled and whined, and then tried to climb into my lap to get more. When that failed, she lay down at my feet to sulk.

I got two pictures, since the phone was right there...



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She's so cute! I can't wait to meet her.
Well, when it comes to caffeine, all it really takes is once... :)
For the record, tea is perfectly safe for most canines. :P

(Just avoid getting the puppy hooked on beer. My uncle had a horrible time trying to wean one of his dogs off of his beer, and failed abysmally at it. Beer + dog = permanent beerdog, and they really seem to like the taste.)
Well, I'm glad the tea won't hurt her.
So a teapuppy is preferable to a beerdog? ;-)
As I recall, Claire is a Welsh Corgi. Maybe she would enjoy a leek?