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[Writing] Deadline Made...

Well, I made tomorrow's deadline, I think. At least, I have a draft of the thing. I'm not entirely certain it doesn't suck, but it's at least complete. I look at it and think it's pretty flawed in some ways... plus, writing it up ran later than I wanted, and I guess I let some folks down in terms of being done later than I wanted and not around for other stuff. Bleh. I feel bad about that, but this deadline wasn't one I could miss.

For those who don't know what this deadline was about, there's a workshop here in Seattle one weekend in November for prospective Tor authors. 30 people, three editors, and you workshop what the strengths and weaknesses of your writing are. But what's being workshopped is due on October 20th.

Unfortunately, I only found out about two weeks ago that anything already under consideration can't be workshopped... and The Last Page is already in and on someone's desk. The suggestion was made that I write up a first chapter of the Dream Wardens novel I had outlined.


At any rate, I did finally finish said chapter, but I keep thinking it's fundamentally flawed in a number of ways. This may be because I panicked so much over trying to get it done on time, admittedly. I'm trying to go over it and proofread tonight, seeing if there's anything more that I should tweak or address. I suspect I am blind to many flaws, however.

As such, if anyone's around tonight and wants to read this and point out any glaring issues, poke me on AIM and I'll toss you a copy to look over. Hopefully it will be somewhat non-sucky by tomorrow...
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