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Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

[Puppy] Claire Updates

Everyone's asked for more puppy updates, so...

Claire's socializing well; she's had several visitors (including seattlenick and shadowfey) as well as meeting my parents and my aunt. She's also made friends not only with the Gypsy Trader folks, but Stephen at the UPS store (where my writing mailbox is, and where I always send stuff from), John (the owner/manager of 'Jai Thai,' an open-until-1am Thai place by my house), most of the Peet's Coffee folks, the staff at Ophelia's Books, and most of the neighbors.

She's very well behaved for a puppy; usually when I tell her to stop chewing on things she does. The only 'accidents' we seem to have any more are when mommy doesn't quite figure out that Claire wants to go out since Claire doesn't communicate this very well yet, and Claire doesn't hold things long enough. (About once a day, usually in the evening.) She *does* know she's supposed to go outside, and always looks very sad when she doesn't make it.

She's already getting big, and now has 'pupperoni' treats (beef jerky sticks made with real beef instead of beef byproduct) for when she does well on things. The pupperoni is much loved; I went to 'Railey's Leash and Treat,' a dog and cat shop over in Fremont, and they had pupperoni out. The proprietor gave Claire a little piece, and her eyes went REALLY wide, and she spent the rest of the time in the store STARING intently at the jar of pupperoni, even when other people were petting her. It was like she was hoping she could use Jedi telekinesis to levitate more pupperoni to her.

Now Brent's watching the puppy and I've just finished my tea (sweet, life-giving Irish Breakfast tea...) so I'm off to the stables, to do some chores to help out there. Then back for lunch and some writing, then meeting with seattlenick in the evening to go pick up wonderwombat at the Greyhound station. Then we're off to see Serenity and do dinner somewhere.

Aren't weekends supposed to be the lazy, relaxing time? Well, at least I KNOW I'm getting my exercise running around...
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