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Puppy, Claire

[Puppy] Vet Appointment

(Note: my aunt actually can watch the puppy tomorrow while I'm at riding after all, so I don't have to forego the lesson. This makes me happy!)

Today Claire went to her first vet appointment. Everyone there loved her very much and said what a lovely little puppy she was. There was also much remarking on how well-behaved and even-tempered she was. The only mishap was when they took her temperature; she objected Very Strenuously to having the thermometer stuck up her ass, and expressed this objection by piddling on the floor afterwards. (Though that may also be partly that I had walked her there in the puppy-pack, and she's used to being let out of the puppy-pack into the side yard to go potty after a walk.) She did whimper a little when they put the ear-scope into her ears, but pretty much behaved.

At any rate, she's in perfect health, according to the vet -- literally, textbook perfect. She had a de-worming treatment even though they found no evidence of roundworms. (Vet says that there's a 20% false negative on that test, so better safe than sorry.) Next week she goes back for her first booster shot. They also trimmed her nails, and remarked on how well-behaved she was for everyone. (At least, everyone who didn't put thermometers near her butt, and that one was kind of expected.)

I asked about the diet, too. They say they've heard of breeders feeding puppies the adult food and giving yogurt, and that yes, it's generally fine. They do sometimes recommend moving to the puppy chow to help with some extra vitamins, but that it's really not a necessary step, and can be done gradually. At any rate, since she's in literally textbook-perfect health -- even the measurements are exactly spot-on the textbook values for a nearly-ten-week-old corgi! -- they don't think the diet needs to be changed, since she's obviously doing well on it.

I've also gotten her city dog license, and I've signed up to have the microchip ID put in when I get her little-girl operation done. I don't imagine she'd ever get loose and run away, but I'd really rather be safe than sorry and have it easy to get her returned!

Really looking forward to being able to walk her, though!


My tabby cat hates visiting the vet, and always has, according to her previous people. She growls and hisses and bites, which is utterly unlike her usual persona. It's like the Star Trek episode where a transporter malfunction duplicates a dog, and they end up with one copy that is calm and friendly and another that is vicious and aggressive. At home, we have the calm and friendly tabby, but at the vet, they only see the growly, bitey version.

And you can bet that she doesn't like having a thermometer poked in the end that doesn't miaow. She only had this done once, when the vet suspected a kidney infection, and when the thermometer was withdrawn, the tabby got her revenge by emitting the biggest, smelliest fart of her entire life.

Our black cat couldn't be more different. She's calm and meek when she visits the vet, and the only sign that she isn't entirely enjoying the experience is the four damp marks on the vet's examination table where she's sweating through her paw-pads. Poor kitten.

They both get to visit the vet tonight (deep joy!), the tabby for her regular weight check and the black cat for a check-up following the removal of several teeth earlier in the year. Poor toothless kitten.

Anyway, I'm happy to hear that Claire is operating within normal puppy parameters. The cuteness reading is off the scale :-)