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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Puppy] Request of Seattlites

If any of my Seattle friends have Thursday afternoon/evening free, I find my puppy-sitter plans fell through and I may have to cancel riding. That would make me sad, after I missed last week. I'd need someone to watch the puppy from about 4pm to about 7:30pm.

From about 4pm to 6pm the puppy could be asleep in her crate, since that's her naptime anyway, but I just don't feel right having her home unattended for so long. If no one can or feels comfortable caring for a teensy puppy, I'll call in to riding 'cause the puppy takes precedence. I'd just hate to miss two weeks of riding in a row...
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FYI - you're only talking about 4 hours, tops. that's not a terrible amount of time to keep your puppy crated at one sitting especially if it's just once in a while.
I suppose.

I just worry about doing it during the first week; I've not left the puppy alone at home for more than 20 minutes, and even during that I was worried.