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[Geek] New Phone

New phone arrived today. Took a while to get it set up the way I like, but now it's working just fine. Has better battery life, a lot more memory, higher-color screen than the old one, AND a built-in keyboard. Also has a camera, though I dunno that I'll be using that. (Might try setting up phone-posting for Fotobuilder, though.)

I'm so glad to have a phone again! So anyone who needs to reach me, I can be reached on phone again.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is Claire's vet appointment. Today, Claire met my mom and my aunt, and went for a lunchtime walk with us. Both mom (with Kumo) and aunt Sally (with her two dogs, Molly and Annie) have raised puppies, and both were surprised by how calm and well-behaved Claire was around other people. Dad also got to meet the puppy today, and then drove me really quickly to Weight Watchers. (Lost more weight this week, though that may be partly because of running around after the puppy!)

After much playing, I sat down in the living room with the puppy, who flopped against my leg and curled up, then proceeded to snore. She's off in her little den now, sleeping. I'm catching up on TiVo, and then I'm going to go to bed myself. Whew!
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