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Puppy, Claire

[Puppy] First Night Apart...

Tonight, Claire's going to try sleeping in the crate; it's how she always was put to bed back at the breeder's, and the puppy book suggested only sleeping with her beside your bed for the first night or two to help with separation anxiety.

Somehow, I think the separation anxiety over this night's arrangement is on my part, not the puppy's! She was asleep happily in the crate until Brent went to take her out and make sure she didn't need to potty.

Here's hoping she doesn't have nightmares or stuff... *fidgets and goes to bed*

(On a non-puppy note, my PDA/cell phone finally gave up the ghost today on even the PDA side; now it doesn't even turn on. Thankfully, the new one arrives tomorrow; since it's a GSM phone, it's just a matter of sticking in the SIM card and voila. In theory, anyway.)


I get the feeling that when she runs out of gas, she'll pretty much sleep where she falls, after seeing her conk out on the mat in front of the back door the other night....

One presumes the PDA info (a) is in the SIM card along with the phone info or (b) was backed up separately?