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[Puppy] First Market, and more pics

Today, Claire got taken to the Fremont Sunday Market for the first time. She also met the Gypsy Trader folks (who gave me a flex-leash for her), and the Cookie Lady, and the Peet's folks (who came outside to say hello), and so on. It was a little much, 'cause the cars kind of scared her, but she was in a puppy-carry the whole time and was very friendly (though a little shy) with the people who came up to say hello. When she got home, we went and played in the yard a little bit, and then came inside to play, and now she's all tuckered out again and curled up in her place at the end of the couch.

I did take a few more pictures, in the yard and with her playing with her favorite toy in the world, her furry squeaky chew-raccoon. So there's about five new pictures on the end of http://www.noderunner.net/~sparks/gallery/claire

I also took two short movies of her playing with the raccoon, both about 4 megabytes in length and in Quicktime format. They can be found here and here.

technoshaman and jenkitty are about to head by to drop off some books, and will meet the puppy as a result. But right now, she's aaaall tuckered out still.
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