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Puppy, Claire

[Puppy] *yaaawn*

Mental note to self: when puppy tuckers out at 10pm, it means puppy will be up and rarin' to go at 5am. *yawn*

She did sleep for a bunch of the night, though woke up at 3am from a nightmare or something, whimpering and whining, and tried desperately to climb into the bed with me. (All the puppy training books I read said that the puppy shouldn't sleep in your bed until the first six months are done, but many said that the puppy should sleep near it.) So I scooted to the edge of the bed, let my hand drop down into her puppy-bed. She curled up around my hand and went right back to sleep.

She's very adorable overall. I got the puppy her breakfast, and she figured mommy must be hungry to, so she carefully brought me bits of kibble, one at a time, and dropped them at my feet.

She still has some panic moments when she realizes all the other dogs are gone, and comes running to me wanting a cuddle, but she's also relaxing a little more. Today's going to be a little more settling in (what the 'first day' should be, since we got back so late yesterday), and thus the schedule's a little less rigid. Tomorrow we'll start more properly following the New Skete puppy acclimation and training schedule.

Claire's also figured out how to get up onto the couch, if she gets a running start from across the room. Right now she's engaged in stalking the wild, fierce chewy rope bone.


It didn't take Claire long to figure out who is mommy, which is not only sweet, but also a good sign for the future, I guess.

Your post brought memories flooding back of the night my wife and I brought our two cats home to live with us. It was nearly nine years ago, late on a very cold January night. We stayed up almost the whole night whilst the cats roamed the house, exploring their new territory.

We finally went to bed when we were sure they knew where to find their food bowls, their water bowls and the litter tray. And knew what the tray was for!

The tabby made herself queen of the house in short order, and is still that way.

The black cat was very shy and aloof for almost four years. Then, after we were away for a couple of weeks, she started to become a real people cat, increasingly vocal (she'd been silent for most of the previous four years) and demanding petting at every opportunity.

We figure that maybe our black cat got swapped with her counterpart from a parallel universe when we were away, and we got the people-friendly version. Either she can't get back to her own universe, or the cat chow is better in this one.