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[Puppy] Claire Arrives!

It was a bit of a busy day today; I got up, drove over to the stables, paid my monthly fees (since I had missed riding on Thursday), found out nearly everyone else at the stable had the Sinus Flu of Death too -- it was half-deserted, and the folks there, including my instructor, were all sick. Fed Roman, helped with a couple chores, and then popped back off clear to the other side of Seattle and into West Seattle, to go to the writing group at the Delridge Library. And then home again by 3:00, to meet up with Brent and head off to Olympia.

The drive is a bit more than an hour, so Brent drove and I took the time to read some puppy-care books. We'd brought the crate/carrier along to bring Claire back in, but the puppy care books suggested it's better to carry her back in the passenger's lap.

Once we were there, I paid for little Claire and we held her (and visited with her sisters) for a while. Took her outside to go to the bathroom, and came back in to go over paperwork. (She's nearly housebroken, and will hold it as long as she can until taken outside... even if she doesn't always tell you when she needs to GO outside.) I have her American Kennel Club papers, though she's not got an official registered name yet; the breeder left that to us. Since her breeder-name is 'Kenderwood' (yes, Kender as in Dragonlance), she suggested that Claire's registered name (which has to be 'Kenderwood ') should be a reference to some kind of fantasy.

I... somehow think I can probably manage that. :)

The breeder also supplied me all of Claire's vet records, so we don't have to worry about getting them sent up; I can just take them to our local vet. Got all the paperwork done, said goodbye, promised to take pictures for the breeder and to also bring Claire down to visit her sisters and mother sometime too.

Then we got into the car, I spread a towel out (in case Claire got car-sick), and Brent drove back while I held her on my lap. She was really excited at first, then kind of whined anxiously... then went to sleep. She woke up more just as we were about to get home, and kept peering out the windows.

Once home, I took her to the side yard and told her 'potty time!' She was very good and went right away, and then we went inside. She spent a bunch of time exploring all over the house, and playing with Brent and I. And ignoring all the puppy toys she'd been gotten. When Brent went to go do errands, I played with her a bit more; this was when she finally noticed her rope chew-bone, and proceeded to drag it all over the living room gnawing on it. When she finally got all tuckered out, she ignored all the little puppy-alcoves and beds we'd set up... and burrowed into the pillows on the floor by the end of the couch, before promptly falling asleep.

And there she lies now, snoring faintly, as I type this. :)
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