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Glare, Grouchy

[Life] Phone-less and Sour

Woke up this morning, still had sinus issues. Called stable, said I wouldn't be able to make riding. This bummed me out. Got work done, went to lunch. Was feeling better. While walking home, considered 'maybe I could do riding after all.' Was promptly hit by car that ran red light. Not riding, and mood not improved.

That's the short form of my day. Since it's cruel to leave people with that rather succinct summary of the accident, I'll assure everyone that I am fine. Shaken, bruised, and really pissed off, but fine.

Basically, the walk light turned green, I started to cross, and some guys in a dark sedan thought they could make the right turn even on a red (which is true) while someone was in the crosswalk (which is not). I backed up quickly, they clipped me and knocked me over. Upon realizing they'd done this, they *ran the red light* to get away. No one got their plates, and while it's been reported to the cops, not much anyone can do.

Only casualties are a rather nice incipient bruise on my leg and my cellular phone, which fell out of my satchel and went under someone's wheel. My trusty PDA phone has, to say the least, finally taken its last beating and given up the ghost. It's (sort of) functioning as a PDA right now, but the phone portion is Pretty Well Dead. The SIM card is intact, though, so once I get a new phone I should be okay. In the meantime, I can't really get text-messages or phonecalls on that number.

Grmph. I'm sure I'll be less calm this evening when it really hits me, but right now I'm just grumpy, pissed over the death of my phone, and grouchy that I'm not getting to ride.
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GAH! Holy crap... I'm glad you're alright, relatively so. Hang in there, hon. Damn. It's too bad no one got the plates. Geezus.
Thanks. I think I'm going to just call for pizza or something, and sit around tonight writing or watching TV or something. Not really push myself.

Bummed I didn't get to ride... but at least I have the puppy coming home this weekend to look forward to.
Ooof! *very gentle hugs offered* Glad you're in one piece... and can't say as I blame you for being pissed, I would be too.
Wow! I'm glad it wasn't a direct hit.. unfortunately we get a lot of those around our college campuses. Better the phone than you.. phones can be replaced, Sparks is irreplaceable!
SO glad you're okay!

I've been hit by a car before, not fun. Take it easy for the next couple of days, and keep track of how you're feeling (aches, etc). If your shoulders start tensing up, or your neck, get to a doctor.

On the phone - got a police report? You may be able to get your phone service transferred to a new phone for free, if your wireless provider's a good one. That doesn't make it any better for your old phone, I'm afraid, but at least it's something.

... take care of yourself! *hug*
I'm with T-Mobile; they use GSM phones like Europe does. This means the service is actually tied to a little removable chip called a SIM card. If you take the SIM card out of one GSM phone and slip it into another, the service has instantly transferred to that phone. So when I get a new, workable phone, I just slip my SIM card in and voila, my number (and my voicemail notifications, text messages, etc.) all transfer to the new phone as soon as I turn it on.
ACK! *BIG HUG* You better be ok! *growls at the driver* You rest up today and take care of yourself!
I hope they find the assclown who hit you and curbstomp him.