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[General] Neil Gaiman signing, Life in General

The Neil Gaiman signing on Tuesday was great fun, though the line was hellishly long. He read from Anansi Boys (and did so with great panache), and told stories about Terry Pratchett, and answered lots of questions -- including what his next book is.

(Before anyone asks, it's "The Graveyard Book." He describes it as, 'imagine Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book, except if the orphan was raised by the dead instead of by jungle animals.' And it'll be a children's book, of all things, illustrated by Dave McKean.)

Answered lots of questions about movies, about adaptions of stories to movies, etc. Then it was the signing. The signing line was so long that technoshaman, writersweekend and I went to the café next door to get something to drink. The reading started at 7pm... I finally got up high enough in the line to get my stuff signed at 11:20. There were still nearly 200 people in line behind me. I really felt for the poor author!

By the time I got there, he was a bit spacy. I handed him my copy of Good Omens (already signed by Terry Pratchett) and he looked at it, and realized there wasn't a lot of space to write much. So he thought to himself 'Mind the gap' and then ended up signing the book as 'Mind the gap.' He paused, looked at the page, and went 'Oh, that's it. This is the time of the signing when my mind goes.' After explaining why he'd written that, he signed it properly on another part of the book and added, "Congratulations, you now have the world's only copy of Good Omens signed by Terry, myself, /and/ mister Mind the Gap."

He also signed and inscribed my copy of Anansi Boys, as well as one for shadowfey (who was sick and couldn't make it) and kieri (who was in Japan, and would probably have found the commute prohibitive).

Duane -- who has an extraordinary amount of contacts and handles the SF/fantasy section and events for the U Bookstore, and who is built like Hagrid from the Harry Potter books -- had walked into a door-frame and taken a chunk out of his scalp. So he was standing around with his head bandaged, bringing Neil Gaiman water. Neil kept turning around and going 'You look worse than I do. Are you SURE you shouldn't sit down, Duane?'

Duane also put aside a signed copy of Anansi Boys for me to get for amurderofcrows along with a signed copy of Terry Pratchett's 'Thud!', which I need to pick up. I planned to pick them up today, but...

I've caught the sinus flu of doom. I didn't get the fever (I think) or anything, but my head is stuffed solid with goo, and my throat is sore from it dripping down; I've practically lost my voice. I didn't make it by UBS, and I barely got my other errands done. Bleh. I'm feeling so miserable right now that, if I feel like this tomorrow, I'm actually going to have to call in sick at the riding lesson. Which is bumming me out; my riding is kind of my central focus of my week, my recharge point.

On the other hand, I do get to pick up my Claire-puppy on Saturday evening, which I am very excited about.
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