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[Geek] Future of Space Exploration

The Science Fiction Museum is hosting a roundtable discussion on October 13th at 7pm. This roundtable discussion is on the future of space travel in the near future (and beyond), and is hosted by a collection of science-fiction authors (such as Vernor Vinge) and scientists (such as local rocket scientist -- and Vanguard regular -- Jordin). Admission is free.

I'll cut-and-paste in the list of speaker/hosts below...

Vernor Vinge is a professor, mathematician, computer scientist, and multiple Hugo Award winning science fiction author well-known for his 1993 essay "The Technological Singularity" and his ground-breaking story "True Names."

Geoffrey A. Landis is an award-winning science fiction author and NASA scientist currently working on the Mars Rover mission. Landis has a Ph.D. in solid-state physics and works for the NASA John Glenn Research Center, where he does research on Mars missions, solar energy, and advanced concepts for interstellar propulsion..

Jordin Kare is an independent designer of advanced space systems and technology -- a freelance rocket scientist. His company, Kare Technical Consulting, provides engineering support to large and small aerospace companies and to government laboratories and agencies.

Robert M. Winglee is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington and specializes in advanced space plasma propulsion, including plasma sails, magbeam and high power plasma thrusters.

Michael Laine is the president and founder of LiftPort Inc, the company devoted to the commercial development of an elevator to space LiftPort recently tested robotic lifters that successfully climbed 1,000 feet up a simulated, working space elevator -- a model elevator “ribbon” attached to moored high altitude balloon.
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