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Harry Potter and the Revenge of the Public Channel

[Public] Draco says, "I think my brain just misfired."
[Public] Raphael says, "Uh ohs?"
[Public] Draco just re-cast Scooby Doo with HP characters, in a page to Harry, Hermione and Ron.
[Public] Harry thinks his brain just exploded.
[Public] Raphael was about to say 'ruh roh' instead, eerily enough.
[Public] Cheshire William says, ""Oh that is scary."
[Public] That Pesky Ravenclaw Charlotte says, "so Draco would be.. Old Man McGillicuddy! (and I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those pesky wizards!)"
[Public] Mika says it on the right channel, this time. "Oh, wow. Visions of Trancers..."
[Public] Draco is Fred, of course - the handsome, blonde one. Hermione is Velma - the brainy one with bad hair. Harry is Shaggy - the less-attractive one in the middle of everything. Ron is Scooby - the inseparable best-friend...and besides, he's a Weasley, he doesn't merit better than the dog. We just don't have a Daphne...
[Public] Teddy Bear Isabel says, "Goodnight, everyone."
[Public] Mika says, "That's /so/ wrong."
[Public] Draco laughs to Charlotte. Ironically, it started because I paged them out of the blue, '...and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your damned owl!' ;)
[Public] Ron thinks so, too. Especially since he's stuck as the only non-human character. :P Heh.
[Public] Flame Trees of Shelley says, "There's a persistent legend around here that Scooby Doo was inspired by the local Five Colleges."
[Public] Raphael says, "Crabb or Goyle. They'er interchangeable, and Daphne follows Fred around everywhere anyway."
[Public] Harry snurks.
[Public] That Pesky Ravenclaw Charlotte casts Ginny as Scrappy?
[Public] Draco says, "Shut up, dog. *tosses Ron a biscuit* Here. Have a Weasley-snack. ;)"
[Public] Ron bites Malfoy. :P
[Public] Harry throws a brick at Malfoy.
[Public] Mika curls up into a tiny ball, whimpering. "Oh, my head..."
[Public] Flame Trees of Shelley says, "Well, that's nothing compared to our ideas for "Welcome Back, Potter," a sitcom about Harry returning to Hogwarts to teach..."
[Public] Raphael says, "But would Draco look manly in an ascot?"
[Public] Draco stares at Shelley.
[Public] That Pesky Ravenclaw Charlotte casts Hermione, Ginny, and Angelina Johnson as Josie and the Pussycats. Throws in Draco and Pansy Parkinson for the Cabots, and Harry for Alan M.
[Public] Harry flees. :)
[Public] Draco stands there in silent horror, while his brain escapes through his ear yipping while it runs away in terror.
[Public] Mika mutters, "/Your/ ideas, not mine. I just flashed on a picture of Harry with a moustache and sideburns and a really wide tie," and refuses to uncurl.
[Public] Draco says, "Wait a minute. Alex Cabot wasn't evil! I object to this casting!"
[Public] Flame Trees of Shelley says, "Hooyah. :)"
[Public] Harry falls over and collapses, twitching. Gurgles and dies.
[Public] Flame Trees of Shelley says, "How about Lost in Space?"
[Public] Raphael says, "Welcome back Potter? Harry with an afro and bowtie?"
[Public] Draco says, "'Danger, Harry Potterson! Danger!' ;P"
[Public] Mika moans, "Mother of God, please make it stop..."
[Public] Harry says, "Ow."
[Public] Raphael says, "Draco calling Ron the names and whoopwhooping like Dr. Smith."
[Public] Flame Trees of Shelley says, "Mmm, how about we try and fit the Firsties into something, to save our feature players sanity? :)"
[Public] That Pesky Ravenclaw Charlotte says, "Archie Potter and the Jalopy of Doom. :) Harry=Archie, Ron=Jughead, Hermione=Betty, Cho=Veronica, Draco=Reggie, Dumbledore=Weatherbee, McGonagall=The secretary, Crabb=Moose..."
[Public] Ron is now kinda glad he got away with just the Scooby thing.. It doesn't hurt so mucn when you're not the one being speculated about. ;)
[Public] Harry says, "Oh NO!! Charlotte! Nooo! *hides*"
[Public] Ron acks and runs away.
[Public] Raphael says, "Wow. Harry is Charlie Brown. Hermione is Lucy Van Pelt. And we all know who the little red-haired girl is."
[Public] Flame Trees of Shelley would suggest happy days, only we don't seem to have a Fonz anywhere.
[Public] Flame Trees of Shelley says, "That's pretty creepy, Raf."
[Public] Draco snickers. "I end up the rich guy with the nice car, and Ron gets a paper hat and an eating disorder. I like your mind, Charlotte."
[Public] Mika's player must be more tired than she thought; she wipes tears from the corners of her eyes, laughing. "What about Bill Weasley?"
[Public] That Pesky Ravenclaw Charlotte beams.
[Public] Ron throws things at Charlotte.
[Public] That Pesky Ravenclaw Charlotte says, "Ow. Be nice. Or I'll pull out the Smurfs."
[Public] Raphael says, "No, pull out 'Alice'."
[Public] Flame Trees of Shelley says, "Smurf that!"
[Public] Mika leaps in front of Charlotte to intercept anything that might be thrown at her.
[Public] Guest says, "Nice people."
[Public] Ron gives Charlotte a calculating look, but relents. Just to stop the Smurf thing. ;)
[Public] Draco dies laughing. "I can be Charmy Smurf, Potter can be Dorky Smurf, Ron can be Poverty Smurf..."
[Public] Mika shrieks and throws something heavy, oh, say, Ireland, at Malfoy.
[Public] Flame Trees of Shelley says, " Git your hands off auld Erin! If we wanted to be part of the UK we'd take a boat like me sainted grandma!"

We are so strange. :)
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