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[Life] Bedroom Reorg

Was a good weekend; visited with some Austin folks who were in town for a few days, did an Ikea run with shadowfey, went to Vanguard and saw folks I hadn't seen for a while, and went to the Sunday Market with my dad. (It was rainy, but I found a Lexington show-jumping helmet for sale, of all things. Affordable at $30, still had its tags, and seems to fit me.)

I finished more or less puppy-proofing my room; all the cords are up off the floor, the desk has been rearranged... definitely time to sleep. Whew!
For those who are curious, there's a 4 meg Quicktime of my bedroom (I spun around holding the camera). It's not very GOOD, since it's kind of dark right now and all, but gives a basic idea of how my desk is now laid out. Whew!

Silly little 4 meg Quicktime here.
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