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[Riding] Banjo Again

Roman's back in circulation (yay!), but Kara kept me on Banjo this week.

It was kind of an odd experience; it was dark and rainy and the wind was very, very strong, and so even in the covered arena it was a little spooky. Kara decided there would be no jumping on potentially-spookable horses, so we tried a course with just the supports and no actual poles between them.

Banjo was in a mood today during the warm-up, and it took a while before I got him under control. Once we got into the course, however, we were doing pretty well. Unfortunately, one of my classmates, her horse *did* spook and went into a canter. She panicked and hunched down in a fetal position, and Wally took off even faster. Luckily, Kara was on it and talked her into a slow-down.

My first time through the course could've been better; I did the course fine, but while I remembered Banjo likes to veer left in straightaways I forgot precisely HOW much he cuts his corners at speed. Second time through the course, I hugged the rails where I was supposed to, so that was progress.

Went and spent some time with Roman afterwards, and he nuzzled me, drooled on me, tried to eat my shirt, and sneezed in my hair. Why I love that horse, I really do not know. :)

(Yeah, I know these posts have been short lately, but mostly we're working on improving existing techniques, so there's not been too much to talk about at length!)
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