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[General] Pratchett

Monday night, met up with shadowfey, agentanderson and brent2005 to go to the Terry Pratchett talk and signing.

The man was hysterically funny to listen to. He spoke about writing, he spoke about travel, he spoke about what's upcoming in the next few Discworld books (I am REALLY looking forward to the Unseen University one)... he got a tongue-in-cheek political comment that got applause from the audience, and one at Microsoft that did as well. (The Microsoft one was followed by "Oh, wait... this is /Seattle/. *thumbs up, big grin* Yay, Bill!")

My favorite exchange:

"Mr. Pratchett, did you know that your children's book, _A Hat Full of Sky_, was required reading in our high school literature course?"
"Your high school course? You realize, you're confirming all the worst things that we British think about the American educational system. Still, I'm flattered. ...do you mind if I ask why?"

By the time we got up to the signing table, there weren't many in line behind us. His hand was tired, so he was signing more slowly, which gave us each a chance to talk with him. When I was up there, we were talking about bookstores -- what makes a good bookstore, and the sort of things you can find at them. I also found out that he likes Wilkie Collins books (my favorite Victorian novelist), and did not know about Wilkie Collins' occult mysteries. Now he wants to find a copy of 'The Haunted Hotel.'

We were also all made to promise to shout out, "TERRY SAYS HI, NEIL!" when Neil Gaiman shows up for his reading and signing next week. I got a new copy of 'Good Omens' and got it signed; I'll get it signed by Gaiman too next week. Also got three copies of 'Thud!' signed, one for me, one for chaosrunner and one for wonderwombat.

In all, a good signing. :)

Tired now, though. Had to help dad with computer stuff, got back reaaaaally late.
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