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[General] Inspiration Returns...

So, lately, I've been a little down. No real 'spark' to my writing, and the only time I've been really happy has been when I'm at the stables or on occasion hanging out with friends. Now, some of this has been alleviated by my 'cleaning like a madwoman,' because I always feel better when the house is organized and clean. (It's not done yet -- it's got at least another week of work and a trip to Ikea before I'll be completely happy -- but most of what's left is the third bedroom and the second-floor landing.) But it hasn't been entirely enough.

Today, I went for my usual Sunday Market walk. I stopped in at Ophelia's books, where she pointed me at a hardback edition of 'The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll' she'd just gotten in -- the edition with the original Tenniel illustrations. (I caved and bought it on the way back. She knows me too well.)

I walked past Peet's, which was a madhouse -- I had forgotten that this weekend is Fremont Oktoberfest, with the larger-than-usual market and the crowds that implies. The market was actually a little too crowded for my taste, but there were cool things as always. I stopped by Aunt Di ('The Cookie Lady') and bought several bags of her terribly addictive little butterscotch cookies. She gave me a complimentary fresh-baked roll with raspberry preserve that was really good, and a little bit of mango bread.

I walked through the rest of the market, looking at the homemade soaps, the vast array of yarn in every color and texture, the glasswork and jewelry and the flea market merchants. I made it to the end of the market, and finally wandered into the artisan chocolate factory that's set up in the old Red Hook brewery. (GOOD chocolate, from the sample.)

I walked up a few blocks, past Benny the Stonedancer and his piles of impossibly-balanced stones. A car alarm was going off, and Benny picked up a nearby stick and improvised a baton routine for passers-by while he waited for it to stop. He'd built a bench/bed entirely out of balanced rocks (and it was actually surprisingly comfortable), as well as his usual towers and spires and sculptures.

Then I made my way to the grocery store and picked up a sandwich, went to Peet's for my chai, dropped off the butterscotchies for the harried Peet's folks, and had my lunch.

And I realized... I live in one of the best places in the world to find inspiration. The fantastical glass sculptures, Benny and his rocks, the flea market... everything. And the words flowed; I wrote several pages at lunch, before I came home. And I feel much lighter, like some burden has come off me now that I can see the inspiration around me again. I have no idea how much sense that makes to others, but...

(At any rate, the rest of the day was cleaning, then cooking dinner for shadowfey and seattlenick, who came over. Then we went to Corpse Bride. In all, a good evening! And the stir-fry came out well.)
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