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[General] Puppy Update

Aside from Yet More Cleaning (I am determined to have this house completely organized and nice by mid-October at the latest, and that includes having the umpteen zillion tons of books in order), today was Puppy Day.

So this afternoon, Brent and I drove down to Olympia to meet with the breeder, Ruth Smith; it wasn't the day for the puppy to come home, but it was the day for meeting them and picking out which one.

Really, all the puppies were adorable. Little Molly leapt into my lap then climbed up and chewed on my hair, as well as valiantly defending me from my vicious shoelaces. Olive ran around and played with everything. Ruby followed anyone who was moving like a little shadow. All of them were just absolutely cute.

But in the end, one dog really stood out. She wasn't one of the show-dogs (Molly and Ruby) who are being kept by the breeder. She's a fluffy, with the big poofy coat. She's a little less spazzy than some of her sisters, but loves to play. She's very affectionate -- when she completely won my heart over was when she clumsily pawed her way into my lap, then buried her nose in the crook of my arm and fell asleep. When we tried to go, she was curled up sleepy on the lawn, and I was scritching her ear... but when I tried to stand up, she made a little 'mrph!' noise and curled up tight around my hand so I couldn't go.

Ruth agreed she was the right one, too. So in two weeks, we go back down to pick up our puppy, Claire. We're probably not even going to bother to change the name the breeder gave her; it's a good name, and she answers to it. We did go and get the puppy's bed, a toy, and food/water dishes, so we'll be reasonably ready.

Here are some pictures of Claire (and sometimes a few of her sisters).
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