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Freda, Innocent

[Seattle] Terry Pratchett Signing

NOTE: I made a mistake and went off an old copy of the announcement. The Terry Pratchett signing is on Monday, September 26th.

It's also in Kane Hall on the UW campus, to accommodate the crowd.

Anyone who wants to meet up for it, and then do dinner or something afterwards, lemme know so we can arrange meeting place and time. (I mean, it's the U District, there's tons of food there.) ;)



I refuse to acknowledge the University of Washington as 'UW'. REFUSE.
Hey. I never said anything about the quality of instruction at U of Washington, and it was just a jab that I've shared with Rachel ever since I was at Wisconsin. So that was kinda uncalled for.
Actually, I'm pretty sure that wasn't intended to be cruel or personal; it's the typical joking U-Dub response when folks from U-Wisc make your earlier statement.

I've just generally refrained from making it. ;)