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[General] Life, the Universe and Fremont

Whew, cleaned a bunch of the house today. Never quite had recovered from having houseguests for a month, and it was a ton of work, but I feel better for having done it. Living room's done, downstairs bathroom is mostly done, kitchen's mostly done. Tomorrow's going to be a bit more cleaning as well, but we'll also be going to Olympia to meet the puppies and pick one out. (Though we won't be bringing one back this weekend; they're not quite old enough yet.)

Now that all that's done, catching up on TiVo'd shows. Just finished watching the pilot of Criminal Minds. Now, okay, I'm a fan of Mandy Patinkin and so this show wins points right out of the gate for having him in it... but it is /really/ well done. I'll have to wait and see how some of the characters develop, but overall it had tight writing plot-wise, and really, really good pacing. Managed to be an incredibly creepy show. Definitely one to watch; I'm a big CSI fan, but I think as crimesolving drama goes, this show has the potential to be better.

In completely other, random, news, I've noticed that Fremont's night-life is growing. Not only do we have a phenomenal number of pubs (which brings the crowds out on Friday night, it seems), but more and more the restaurants are staying open later. We have a Thai place open until 1am. One of the sushi places is now open until 2am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. The local grocery (and more importantly, the deli/dessert counter) is open until midnight. Finding food late-night is not so hard, it seems!

On a slightly tangential note, any Seattle-area sorts up for the Sunday Market this weekend? If I'm solo, I'm probably going to do my usual routine -- market, lunch, then Peet's Coffee for chai and writing -- but if others are going to come along, I'm flexible.
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