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Freda, Innocent

[General] Life, the Universe and Fremont

Whew, cleaned a bunch of the house today. Never quite had recovered from having houseguests for a month, and it was a ton of work, but I feel better for having done it. Living room's done, downstairs bathroom is mostly done, kitchen's mostly done. Tomorrow's going to be a bit more cleaning as well, but we'll also be going to Olympia to meet the puppies and pick one out. (Though we won't be bringing one back this weekend; they're not quite old enough yet.)

Now that all that's done, catching up on TiVo'd shows. Just finished watching the pilot of Criminal Minds. Now, okay, I'm a fan of Mandy Patinkin and so this show wins points right out of the gate for having him in it... but it is /really/ well done. I'll have to wait and see how some of the characters develop, but overall it had tight writing plot-wise, and really, really good pacing. Managed to be an incredibly creepy show. Definitely one to watch; I'm a big CSI fan, but I think as crimesolving drama goes, this show has the potential to be better.

In completely other, random, news, I've noticed that Fremont's night-life is growing. Not only do we have a phenomenal number of pubs (which brings the crowds out on Friday night, it seems), but more and more the restaurants are staying open later. We have a Thai place open until 1am. One of the sushi places is now open until 2am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. The local grocery (and more importantly, the deli/dessert counter) is open until midnight. Finding food late-night is not so hard, it seems!

On a slightly tangential note, any Seattle-area sorts up for the Sunday Market this weekend? If I'm solo, I'm probably going to do my usual routine -- market, lunch, then Peet's Coffee for chai and writing -- but if others are going to come along, I'm flexible.
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Brings the crowds out and makes finding a street parking spot really friggin' annoying, too.

Hopefully the Whitman blockoff helps that out.
Well, we're still also pushing for residential parking zone status, aren't we? That would really help quite a bit, I imagine.
Pub crawl! Woot!
Thai open until 1 am?

Is it *good* Thai?
Actually, it was some of the best Thai that wonderwombat and I had ever had! A pleasant surprise.