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[Riding] Banjo Again

Well, Roman's still not back in circulation. He's healed, but they're starting him back in slowly. I'm told that next week, I should be back on him.

The stable helper who's been exercising him each day found me in his stall checking on him, and told me she was looking forward to turning him back over to me. Evidently he's been ill-behaved in general, and even balkier than usual at being exercised.

I also stopped by to visit Coalby, and she leaned out and clearly had that 'I WANT ATTENTION' look she gets. So I spent about eight minutes just petting her and generally being affectionate.

At any rate, this week I was on Banjo once again. After the talk with Kara last week, I really was trying to push myself more... reach a bit beyond what I /knew/ I could do, and try to do a bit more. Refused to use the neck strap, wouldn't let Banjo blindly follow during free ride, and so on.

In some ways, it was exhausting. In others, it was exhilarating. Banjo finally decided I was really serious about this, and started going where I told him. By the end of the lesson, we ran a hunter course... and Banjo actually made all the turns properly... though admittedly cut the corners a little on the first run. The second time, though, Kara said we handled the corners very well.

After the lesson, I spoke to Kara; she said the difference in my riding was dramatically noticable. Evidently, when I spent the time telling myself 'okay, /this/ angle, okay, THIS posture, okay...' I got too distracted and would let one thing slide a little bit as I did another. When I pushed myself and was willing to just go with what 'felt right,' I was riding more naturally and came out smoother.

Groomed Banjo, put away the tack, went to visit everyone. Fed various snacks. Roman was most perturbed when I was grooming Banjo and giving him a treat, and set up quite a fuss in his stall. When I walked past to clean the tack, he set up another fuss. And kept doing so every time I passed by, until I went into his stall to give him his treats. Then I got slobbered on, nuzzled, and generally yucked-up affectionately. I ended up sitting in his stall for about 10 minutes, just being with him, until he tried to eat my car keys. I figured that was the hint that he wanted to get back to snacking on things. :P

This Saturday is jump painting, but I'm probably not going to make it due to having to go down to Olympia to pick out my puppy from the litter. (Yay, having a pet again!) I'm probably going to try and go over in the morning on Saturday to help with stable chores, though, before I head out to Olympia.

And next week, hopefully, back on Roman once more!

After riding, I went to the U Bookstore with shadowfey to pick up the books and tickets for the Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman signings. After arriving, I discovered Terry Brooks was there signing books! So I got one of his I was missing, said hello, and got it signed.

In all, a good day.

Though, oh my god, my thighs are going to hurt tomorrow...
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