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[General] Frustration

Well. Got on the road today, and made it all the way from Chilliwack to Golden. That's nine hours of driving, and leaves only four hours to Calgary tomorrow... then it's Spruce Meadows for us.

However, despite making good time, my day could've been better.

I got a call today while on the freeway, and something told me I really ought to take it. Turns out? My Visa debit card number was stolen. Someone's started running up charges with it for SUV accessories, and $80 tanks of gas. So, my debit card has been deactivated to prevent further charges.

Read that again. My Visa debit card -- my main form of financial transaction -- has had to be deactivated. So I have a bit of cash I took out, and my real Visa card, to get me through this trip. Luckily, the real Visa has a limit of several thousand, and only has like $20 on it; there's no problem there, though I'll definitely need to pay it off again RIGHT AWAY once I get home.


The real irony? The SUV-charging card-thief... is evidently in Calgary, since that's where the duplicated card has been getting used.


I had the same thing happen to one of my co-workers. They cleaned him out before his bank noticed, however. It took about three weeks to get everything sorted out, but they finally did. Then, a month later, he got cleaned out again. So he gets everything straightened out again an changes banks. A month later and you guessed it: Cleaned out again.

Seems the thieves had gotten hold of his wife's SSN and were calling around to banks in the area and claiming to have forgotten their PIN number. Once they got a bank that had an account in my friend's wife's name, they used her SSN to get the PIN.

These scumbags were finally caught, though, thanks to an observant 19 year old girl at a JC Penny's check out counter.
Ain't it always the case, some rookie doing ordinary things busts the big one...

Hopefully this straightens out a bit easier....