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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] PUPPY!

Am in Canada. I can now drive Seattle to Chilliwack in my sleep... unless the road between Bellingham and Lynden is closed down to one-lane for construction. Urgh.

Did make it to Megan's signing before leaving town, and it was nice to see her in person again. She had some great WorldCon anecdotes, and during the Q&A session there was some wonderful discussion about the pros and cons of first person versus third person when writing books. We also commiserated about the racist troll that's invaded the SFF.net newsgroups of late.

Anyway, upon arrival here in Canada, I discovered that the breeder had sent me puppy pictures of the puppies in the litter I'll be picking one from. Sooo...









OMG! They're so cute! Claire! I like Claire! I Don't know why, but I like Claire or Olive! I wish I could have dogs. ;.;