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Random Public Chatter

[Public] Draco says, "So...I went to the store today to help a friend with some shopping. While I was there, I found the aisle of Harry Potter toys."
[Public] Laurel says, "You now have your own blow-up Harry doll? *runs in fear*"
[Public] Draco says, "All of the Harry toys were sold out. Almost all of the Hermione toys were sold out. There were still a number of representations of me...and insultingly, about as many of Ron Weasley. I ask you! Valued as lowly as a Weasley, while Potter and Granger sell out??"
[Public] The dark Mark cackles madly...
[Public] Draco says, "This is /utterly/ intolerable! I plan to write to Warner Brothers. On the other hand, my action figure is a decent treatment of me. Unlike what /some/ people think it should say ('Heartless Evil Bastard'), it says 'Proud scion of an ancient wizarding line.'"
[Public] The dark Mark wonders if the end of the line is reached right there ;)
[Public] Draco says, "On the plus side, I do now have my own action figure. And I have little Lego Draco and Harry figures. Needless to say, the Harry figure will lay on my desk in defeat, while I stand triumphantly with one foot - well, or both feet, considering this is Lego - atop my vanquished enemy."
[Public] Laurel snickers. That's what you /say/. We all know the truth.
[Public] The dark Mark imagines all of a sudden a certain scene from "Space Balls"... =)
[Public] Draco glares around the channel. "I hate you all, you know."

I love the HPM crowd. :)
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