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FF Sparks (Casual)

Random Public Chatter

[Public] Draco says, "So...I went to the store today to help a friend with some shopping. While I was there, I found the aisle of Harry Potter toys."
[Public] Laurel says, "You now have your own blow-up Harry doll? *runs in fear*"
[Public] Draco says, "All of the Harry toys were sold out. Almost all of the Hermione toys were sold out. There were still a number of representations of me...and insultingly, about as many of Ron Weasley. I ask you! Valued as lowly as a Weasley, while Potter and Granger sell out??"
[Public] The dark Mark cackles madly...
[Public] Draco says, "This is /utterly/ intolerable! I plan to write to Warner Brothers. On the other hand, my action figure is a decent treatment of me. Unlike what /some/ people think it should say ('Heartless Evil Bastard'), it says 'Proud scion of an ancient wizarding line.'"
[Public] The dark Mark wonders if the end of the line is reached right there ;)
[Public] Draco says, "On the plus side, I do now have my own action figure. And I have little Lego Draco and Harry figures. Needless to say, the Harry figure will lay on my desk in defeat, while I stand triumphantly with one foot - well, or both feet, considering this is Lego - atop my vanquished enemy."
[Public] Laurel snickers. That's what you /say/. We all know the truth.
[Public] The dark Mark imagines all of a sudden a certain scene from "Space Balls"... =)
[Public] Draco glares around the channel. "I hate you all, you know."

I love the HPM crowd. :)


*snicker* Make sure you aren't having the Draco-toy smooching the Ron-toy. ;)
Oh, what, us Mudbloods're now too good for you to even waste money on? ;) Hmf. I'm -so- insulted. (Blame Morgie, she started this!)


The only Hermiones they had left were 'Lab Disaster' Hermione or something similar. She was in her half-cat state from the misused polyjuice, and covered in gook from a potions experiment gone wrong.

Admittedly, it /did/ improve her appearance slightly, but still...it wasn't temptation enough. ;)
Oooh! I'll polyjuice YOU, you, you...

*chases Draco around the lab with her wand out*


So sad, really. To see 'the most promising witch of her generation' reduced to running around like a kindergartener in a pout. *ducks* Erm, I'll just duck out this door, where there's lots of stone between that wand and me...!
If you think that's going to make me -stop- chasing you down, Malfoy, you need to go back to charm school and actually finish this time - now hold STILL! You're the one who pouts anyway!
*chases Draco some more*
I'll show you what promise is. In other words, I promise you that when I've done with you, they'll be unsure whether to call you Draco Malfoy, or Myocardial infarcation!
Oooh. I'm being chased by a mudblood. I'm /petrified/. You know, Granger, if you weren't constantly in a foul mood, perhaps your friends and housemates wouldn't come over to the Slytherin table in a desperate bid to get away from you...
*video tapes and sends it to the Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger Love Interest Fan Club*
*too busy chasing Malfoy to notice Muggle cameras*
*sends it off to Malfoy Mansion, addressed to Lucias Malfoy*
Hey, I did not! The log /clearly/ shows Draco logging on and starting all of this. Such vanity couldn't be allowed to pass /unchallenged/. And considering you were sleeping at the job....

No. Must not make feature. *twitchtwitch*
I wasn't sleeping! I was off eating dinner with my very own Krum! (Well, okay, so he's not Bulgarian, but but but he's got dark hair and olive skin and a big nose and a funny accent! And he has more in common with Draco than I do! Booyaka!)
*snicker* Suuurreee. You know you were just mentally going through snogging him. ;)


No! The pain! It's all worse than the Cruciatus curse!

...On an up note, yes! Do app a feature, dahling! :D

Mistress C
*blushes heatedly* Every time I think of kissing him, I think of when he was covered in face tentacles, and I lose whatever meal I've eaten! On the plus side, I've lost ten pounds! On the down side, I wasn't that heavy to begin with!