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Xenosaga, Say What?, Huh?

[Geek] A Bold Leap Forward

How on earth did I miss that they're making a continuation of one of my favorite science fiction shows ever? I mean, this is a show that not only did I actually write fanfic for as a kid, but a few years ago I even rearranged my Dragon*Con schedule specifically to go hear some of the staff for the show talk about where it would have gone if it hadn't been cancelled.

And yet somehow, I'd managed to overlook Quantum Leap: A Bold Leap Forward until now?! But here's an interview with Trey Callaway, the writer brought on board (along with the original creator, Donald Bellisario) to write the pilot movie and (hopefully) followup series for the Sci-Fi channel.

Now, I suppose it could turn out badly. But on the other hand, Bellisario /is/ involved, and it could really be good, too...


Oh, believe me. She's heard. She made me watch the whole bloody thing in the course of a weekend.


Well, she made me watch the first two episodes. Then _I_ made _her_ show me the rest.


Ex-ter-min-ate! Ex-ter-min-ate!
"If you're an alien, why do you sound like you're from the north?"
"Lots of planets have a north!"