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[General] Ren Faire Day

Today, kieri dragged wonderwombat, brent2005 and me to the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire. ('Fantasy' so that you can have people with wings, elf ears, and in dragon costumes not excluded as 'not period.') It was fun, though abysmally hot since there was little shade. We did see several of the equestrian events and wander around, but the highlight for me was getting to see two performances by the Queen of the West Coast Faire circuit.

(BTW, tabbifli and kendaer, I said hello to her for you. Heather says hello back, and that she hasn't heard from you in ages. I.e., drop her a line to tell her how you're doing.)

Both were good performances, but the second one was definitely, ah, 'high energy.' And not just because it ended with the traditional 'everyone stand, stomp, clap and scream' performance of March of Cambreadth. When two of the dragons at the faire were there as the second performance began, she chose to open with her dragon song (Rock and Gold) to appease them. So there was much dancing. She also performed one song from the new album coming out in March, and one of my favorite Heather songs, Life's Flame. The first concert, however, had some other excellent moments; she played a bunch of her gypsy music, and people got up and danced in pairs all over the area. And we got to play galley slaves for Yo Ho.

There were the obligatory folks singing the 'audience participation' choruses and dancing to nearly every song. I was one of them. I think I embarrassed my friends. I don't really care; it was a Heather concert, darnit, and that's what you DO at Heather concerts. :)

I also finally got a copy of Festival Wind, and a replacement for my long-lost copy of Wanderlust (and this time, it's autographed, so I'm not loaning it out to be lost like the last one). I also got one of the commemorative 'Knight Protector of the Heatherlands' coins. All in all, worth the trip, even if it was a long drive and a blisteringly hot day.

Once home, I had to run out and grab dinner since everyone else had eaten junk at the Faire and I had abstained. I passed by the café where my friend Lars was performing, so I stopped in and listened to him for a while too. It was a very musical day!

And now it's time for dinner. Huuuuuungry!
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