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[Riding] Substitute Instructor Again

Well, this week is the Evergreen Classic up in Monroe, and much of the stable is up there. Including my instructor, Kara. So, this week, we had Jan (who teaches the class after us) step in again instead.

However, traffic was really not bad on the way over -- the almost-an-hour drive only took me about 20 minutes. With time to spare, we went by the tack shop.

Always dangerous.

I left later with a new jar of horse cookies, a refill on the Coat Enhancer I use on Roman and am almost out of... and a pair of half-chaps, finally. Got to the stables a little early and still had to wait a tiny bit because they were short-handed and hadn't finished rotating horses out into the pasture and back in from it.

Got tacked up and out into the ring in a bit more of a hurry than usual, since we had to start late. Walked Roman around the ring since I hadn't had a chance to walk him around the yard before going in, then got up into the saddle. I'll say that half-chaps make it a LOT easier to apply pressure, since you don't need to worry about your leg getting caught in the stirrup leather and pinched. It was a really nice change!

Mostly we were working on balance and steering, to prepare for cantering soon. (Ulp!) Things like trying to steer using only our legs, while keeping one hand behind our back, or above our head, or out to the side. It really made us think about our balance and where we were going. Jan was very pleased with the improvement, and was ready to let us canter, but we ran out of time. I am sad. :'(

Grazed Roman afterwards, mucked out his stall, and so on, then fed everyone their treats. I was quite pleased with the half-chaps, and though they were a little pricy I am very, very glad I got them. (Next purchase on the schedule: replacement stirrup leathers and a less-ratty sheet for Roman.)

Unfortunately, FJ (my experienced rider friend visiting from Canada) got very dizzy and lightheaded while riding and decided she wasn't up to it this time. So she got very little actual saddle time in. Hopefully next week will be better on that score... and hopefully next week, Kara will feel my classmate and I are ready to do the canter!
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