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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Life In General

Spoke to the breeder today; the puppies were born last week. Seven little girls, some tri-color and some red. I'll go down in early September and meet them to pick one out. Then, yay, PUPPY!

FJ and Jen are still visiting, though Jen's back in Tacoma tonight. (Hence the seafood dinner posted about one post back.) Last night, we went and saw a movie we hadn't expecting to due to a mix-up. Surprisingly, Hustle and Flow was actually really good; a movie about rappers from the poor part of Atlanta would not have been my first choice, but glad we saw it.

Uhm, not a lot else to say. :)


Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy! So I'll need to find a good Welsh girl's name.
Hrm. o.o

BRONWEN, BRANWEN, BRONWYN, BRANWENN: dark and pure; fair-bosomed (Once knew a girl named Bronwen)

CORDELIA: jewel of the sea

GWEN, GWYNNE: white (personal favorite!)

MORGAN, MORGANA: from the shore of the sea
A corgi? Hmm.

Out of curiousity, can I ask how much it is? My wife loves corgis and at some point, I suspect I'll have to break down and agree to her demand that we get one. ;)
Friends of mine named their daughter Seren, which is apparently Welsh for "star".
I suppose 'Zwei' would be too derivative. ;>
Well, they were rappers in Memphis, but it was the south, yeah. ;)

Glad you didn't hate it.
You know how those southerners all look alike. ;)
I dunno why I thought Atlanta instead of Memphis when I was typing. But, yes.
Take a picture of your puppy when you get him!!! When kind of breed is he!?