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[Farming] Farming Farming Farming...

Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life is the most evil game ever created for the Gamecube.

It will eat your brain even worse than Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on the Gameboy Advanced.

And the cow makes cute little happy-faces and moos cheerily when you pet it. Aaaw.

Oh, God, where do I find food before my crops come in??


Hee. I got that game recently too! 'cept the user guide is rubbish so I spent ages trying to sprinkle the seeds and wondering why nothing was happening until I found the hoe!

I think there must be somewhere you can buy fodder!
Ah-hah! Discovered. After some experimentation, I found the field full of grass that I tried to cut down to grow crops is actually fodder so you cut down grass and instant fodder. Yey!

Now to find food for me and the dog so the little guy doesn't get exhausted and to figure out what Takamoto (or whatever his name is) is stealing my milk 'cos he doesn't seem to be selling it!
Pretty much. Got home, played a bit of Harvest Moon, watched Stargate: SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica with FJ and Jen, and... er... played more Harvest Moon. Didn't even bother to check LJ, phone or e-mail. Just... played Harvest Moon. Until 3:20am.

Must... feed... cows...
I have the gameboy version of it and imagine farming in the bus, in the car, at work (Oops, I shouldn't be farming at work. ME BAD!)
The Gamecube one is more addictive than the Gameboy Advance one. But yes, the Gameboy one is evil, too. wonderwombat got me hooked on them.
No, its addictive because its PORTABLE. At least you still have to go home to play on the Gamecube one. XD
I just got that-- should be arriving in the next day or two.