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[Riding] Riding with Friends

Well, this week's lesson was different! My friend FJ is down from Canada visiting for a month; she's been riding far, far longer than I have, but hadn't ridden in about a year and a half. I paid for her to ride at the stable I do for while she's visiting.

She had her assessment on Tuesday, so that the teacher could figure out her skill level and a horse. She was given the option of going into a more advanced class, or riding in mine (since we're short a student again, now that our third has moved to a different day due to schedule conflict). She chose to ride in mine.

Today, I was on Roman, my classmate was on Chester, as usual. FJ was on Banjo. It was interesting, since she's more advanced than either of us, and provided a good example, but Kara also challenged her on stuff as well, and kept correcting little bits of posture.

Mostly it was just flat-work practice, and getting used to having three people in the ring for the first time in some while. But it was fun to have FJ there, and my classmate was sad to learn she's only visiting a month and not joining the class permanently.

In other news, this was my first week riding with riding breeches. FJ had been given an extra pair some time ago that did not fit her, and it turned out they did fit me. I hadn't been willing to buy breeches yet because I've been losing a lot of weight and it seemed silly to buy something that probably wouldn't fit me properly in another two months, but a free pair that fits? Hey, no complaints.

It was definitely different than riding in jeans. In some ways, I felt like I could control Roman better because I didn't need to worry about the seams of my jeans bruising me. They're very comfortable! Still, they'll take a little getting used to, I think.
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