Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

[Riding] Heat-Wilted Roman

Well, my classmates were missing today, so it was a solo lesson. It was unusually hot for Seattle out here (90 degrees Fahrenheit), and Roman was snarky about this. Unfortunately, whoever had last ridden him had not really scrubbed some of the sweat out of his coat, so grooming took a little longer.

In lesson, Roman was really reluctant to do ANYTHING, clearly feeling it was an indignity to be forced to do anything other than lay somewhere cool with people fanning him and placing endless bales of hay and apples within reach. I really had to work to keep him moving, much less trotting.

We worked on steering today, mostly... tight circles, wide circles, and doing it all just with leg cues while keeping him at a trot. However, the last third of the lesson was freeform obstacles. Kara set up trotting poles, two little X-jumps, and told me to plot my own course. This, Roman found more interesting, and after two disagreements about where we were going, we finally had that moment of 'click' where everything seemed balanced and he went where I wanted him to go. It almost seemed a shame to make him stop!

We were both pretty sweaty, so after I groomed Roman I went and gave him a bath, then walked him out through the grass and let him graze while the last bit of water dried. He was pretty affectionate after that, and I got nuzzled and -- before he was dried -- liberally covered in horse-bath-residue.

Then the horses all got their treats, and I downed a huuuuge bottle of water. Good lesson, though man was it hot. The students after me were so hot that they decided to do a trail ride through the (nice, cool) woods, rather than a normal lesson!

(Yeah, I know. Complaining about 90 degree weather shows Seattle folks are heat wimps. I don't know what Roman's excuse was; he lived in Arizona before coming to Evergreen!)
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