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[Riding] Reluctant Roman

I was back on Roman this week. It was funny; when I walked into his stall, he just about nuzzled me to death. Then, of course, it was back to the usual reluctant 'oh, god, why are you making me WORK...' routine.

Since my usual teacher was gone, things went a little differently. So we ended up mostly just practicing the trot, which is what the other student today, less experienced than me, needed to concentrate on. At the end of the lesson we did an obstacle course and a jump several times, though, and that was fun.

My ankle's still a bit sore, but definitely a great deal healed.

It was a really hot day today, though, and he really didn't want to do anything. Had this whole "it's too HOOOOOT" attitude going on. Not that I can blame him; I was saying much the same thing earlier! So afterwards I took Roman outside to graze for a bit. He did an amazing impression of a lawn-mower or a weed-whacker. At one point, he found a patch of clover that had been overlooked by some of the other horses, and I swear his expression could have been subtitled 'Sheer Glee.'

When I finished giving him his treats, several children came running through and took Ladd (who'd just been ridden by my classmate) out of his stall to walk up and down the aisle with no explanation.

Turns out the stable owner was taking some folks on a tour, and Ladd was being shown off. While the kids put Ladd away again, I chatted with her briefly. She was laughing about Roman's 'eat anything' mentality, and noted that Rupert (her Hanoverian) is the same way. Except that since they compete internationally, Rupert's diet has to stick to Olympic committee drug and chemical guidelines.

This is difficult, as some of the children around the stable are evidently prone to trying to see how many different things they can get Rupert to eat. (This has included things like pepperoni pizza.) Yikes! And I thought Roman's omnivorous goat-like tastes were bad...
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