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[Geek] Another Master Passes

One of our local SF dignitaries has passed away in the early hours of this morning.

He visited the Pacific Northwest for a conference when I was still a little kid, and loved it so much he moved back out here. (He was born in Vancouver.) He remained reasonably active in the Seattle area fandom community until he succumbed to Alzheimers and failing health years ago; one of my earliest fandom memories is actually sitting at a local gathering and hearing him tell horror stories of the move out to Redmond.

He'll be missed, but he hasn't been part of things since around the time I graduated from high school. The cheerful, outgoing James Doohan I remember from local conventions and SF book signings of my childhood vanished years ago.

Beam me up, Scotty, one last time.


It was never "Beam me up, Scotty" - it was "Beam me up, Mr. Scott." But who's nitpicking? He'll always be our immortalized Scotty.
Or something like, "Kirk to Enterprise. Mr. Scott? Three to transport."

But yes.
"Three to beam up," actually.

Do you remember any of what he said about moving out here? That would be a cool tale...
The part I remember in particular from his retelling of the move was the story of his first or second night in the new house. He hadn't met the neighbors yet, and as a result, they didn't realize who had moved in beside them. So he's tired from all the move-aftermath, settles down to rest for a few, and the neighbor is having a party.

A loud party.

And he tries to ignore it, because he doesn't want to be a grouch. But he's exhausted, they've just arrived, and he really wants to just relax. And finally he gives up, goes over, and knocks on the door of the neighboring house.

Some college-age kid answers. And stops dead in his tracks. You could apparently see it in his eyes, "OMG, James Doohan is on my porch!" And you can see him imagining 'Scotty' teaching him to shoot a phaser, and all the cool stories he's going to have... and the poor kid's expression just shatters when James Doohan says, 'Hi, I don't mean to be a pain, but could you turn the stereo down a little?'
Of course, the irony of this tale is that he was relating it all to a room full of Seattle-area jr. high students who were SF fans. And so as he's talking about this poor neighbor's let-down on that first meeting, all of US were thinking, 'We're getting to talk to Scotty! How cool is this?'
Heh. The one I remember being told on him was told by George Takei... who took Jimmy out for sushi his first time. Being a curious sort, Jimmy looks at the green stuff on his plate, asks "What's this?" and before George can warn him off, pops the whole lump in his mouth.

(Insert one of those cartoon scenes of unimaginable violence to taste buds here.)

George allowed as how, in later years, when Jimmy found somebody he didn't like (and was sushi-naive), he'd take them out for sushi... and invite them to try the green stuff. *EG*