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Working, Desk

[Geek] Google Moon

Check out Google Moon.

Be certain to zoom in all the way for an amazing scientific revelation.


HA! That's priceless.
HA! I knew it!!

Now if only it was green...
It actually makes me wonder how much trash we've left behind on that small area of the moon. :)
NASA has plans to take photographs of the Apollo landing sites with a camera that has 50cm resolution (that's 20 inches to all you non-metric folks), which is enough to show the lunar rovers as well as the LM descent stages:


Is it too much to hope that this will finally silence those idiot skeptics who claim that the Moon landings never took place? Probably not. After all, if NASA was faking it in 1969, they're probably going to fake it again in 2008, right? Gah!
Especially since, as anyone knows from the movies and photoshopping, you can do wonders with digital technology today. Yep.
*just. dies.*
That's completely awesome. [grin] Thanks for the link.