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[Riding] Horseless Week :(

Last night, I slipped on the stairs and took a spill. In so doing, I twisted my ankle around... it was quite painful, and got very swollen. This morning, the swelling had gone down (I piled pillows into my bed to keep it raised all night), but the ankle was a rather unpleasant shade of purple. After being up and around for a bit, it's hurting again, and the swelling is coming back.

Common sense says, 'go to the doctor,' and 'do not go riding today.' For once, I am listening to common sense: I made a doctor's appointment (alas, can't get in until tomorrow) and have called my instructor to say I'm not coming in.

But I am sad that I will miss riding. I think it says something that where this incident is concerned, I am more upset that I won't be able to ride today than that I'm in, y'know, rather a bit of pain. :P

Perhaps if I can drive more readily this weekend, I'll go visit Roman.



Sounds like a bad sprain, sweetie. I'm glad you weren't hurt TOO badly. Take care of yourself, and rest up. I'm sure Roman will forgive you next week if you give him lots of cookies. :)