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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Solstice Festival, Life in General

(I apologize that I didn't make a horse post for this week yet. Been very busy!)

The Fremont Summer Solstice festival is underway this weekend; Fremont is a madhouse right now. There is no parking anywhere during the day, and I swear about 4 million people were crammed into central Fremont today. The parade was amusing, though. I loved the giant robots (2+ meters tall) which smashed up a giant cardboard Seattle, until being defeated by two children with dart guns. And the belly dancers were also extremely good.

The merchant stands were packed really tightly, though, but I got a few things... two nice t-shirts from Tibet, one with an embroidered dragon on it, and one with 'Om' embroidered very elegantly. I also bought a bottle from 'Dr. Vortex's Traveling Medicine Show,' which is filled with some kind of weird sparkling fluid. It's sealed so you can't get into it (though is also non-toxic), and looks incredibly hypnotic if you swirl it and place it in the light. When he heard I was a writer, he foisted one off on me, and it really is something I'll have to work into a story. I also picked up several political buttons, including a small one that I have decided I absolutely must send to bluerain.

The writer's conference last weekend also went well. Met a number of interesting people, including Jim Butcher, and James MacDonald and Debra Doyle. Got several things signed, and managed to get a copy of the (not-yet-released) second book of the Codex Alera, which I devoured in about a day. Durnit, where's the third?

In other news, as shadowfey already told some folks, there were editors from various publishers at the conference... and after hearing the pitch and seeing some of the story, one large and reputable publisher has expressed interest in the first novel of our collaborative fantasy series. (I am presently trying to put together the submissions packet, albeit in a rather panicked manner.) One of my other short stories also won a Judge's Choice award at the writing conference, which is nice.

Not much more to say on any of that yet, but I think we do have to do a celebratory dinner at some point...!
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Color me intrigued.
Hey, we need to get together after this hellacious move is over, as we've still got some stuff to return.

Glad you're having a good time.
Congratulations and best wishes!
Hey! When'd you get an LJ? ;)

(And how're you guys doing? I never pop onto Semiautomagic to check in anymore, I know...)
I've had one for a while. I also have a website! dscarpenter.net!

I'm all about self-aggrandizement.
Whoot! Yay self-promotion and healthy ego! ;)