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[General] Touching Lives

As some folks know, I've been a bit stressed lately and kind of depressed. Still, today's a lovely day here in Seattle, and the sun and water and mountains have eased that a bit. (See the present view from the bedroom window by my desk.) Though 74 degrees is a bit much for Seattle, thanks.

On top of that, I had a small event happen which demonstrated to me that even when we feel like we can't do anything right in life, we do touch those around us.

As some of you know, I deal with the homeless folks who ask for money outside of supermarkets by offering to buy them groceries instead. (On the theory that if they really need the food, they'll be glad for it... and if they're just looking for liquor money, the food won't let them drink themselves into an early grave so much.) As a result, I've gotten to know some of the regulars outside of various stores.

There was one guy who, for months, was living out of his van in a nearby parking lot, and who I would always buy a thing of milk, or a loaf of bread, or something like that for. I'd also buy him the paper for the help-wanted ads. About two months ago, he vanished from there, and I wondered what happened to him.

Today, while I was sitting at lunch talking with someone, I see a guy walk past who looks vaguely familiar. He's in nice, clean clothes, sunglasses and looks like someone on a lunch break. He spots me, turns, and makes his way over. Sure enough, it's the guy I knew from outside the supermarket; having recognized me, he wanted to come over and say thanks. He said that not having to worry about his food as much allowed him to spend some of the little money he got to get some clean clothes; he'd gone to a couple of the jobs in the Help Wanted pages, gotten hired, and was working full time and had just moved into a studio apartment. Evidently he'd been hoping to bump into me somewhere so that he could thank me, since he said those little batches of groceries made all the difference in getting himself back on his feet.

I may still be kind of stressed and all, but it /was/ nice to know that the little $10 here, $8 there, $15 somewhere else getting groceries for those folks /does/ sometimes add up and make a real difference.
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