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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Birthday Dinner

I've been a little stressed lately. Pixel finally really began to die hard, and this time when I took it in to the Applecare folks they were able to reproduce the problems. Pixel went off on a grand journey to a magical place called the Applecare Repair Center, and I hope my beloved Powerbook will be home soon.

This made me feel more than a little crippled, as I needed iWork Pages to do layout work, as I do all my word processing in Microsoft Office v.X, and as I do all my e-mail and NNTP work on Mac OS X. Luckily, however, my slightly early birthday present -- from my parents, and from shadowfey and Antony -- was a new Mac mini, which has been christened 'Glitch' after my old Linux desktop. So I'm not Mac-less, which is good, though I got behind on e-mail and everything while Pix was misbehaving.

Been working away hard on getting something done for work which has been taking me a lot longer than I had planned, which doesn't make me feel good. I don't like projects slipping like that, especially work ones. I've been grabbing time now and then to keep working on The Last Page, which draws ever nearer its end. At some point, I'll remember that I'm supposed to sleep.

Anyway, tonight, dad and I did a bit of a blast-from-the-past thing. Daddy/daughter dinner night started a few years ago, when I lived only a couple blocks away and mom was away in New York for the better part of a year. I'd walk down on Tuesdays, and we'd have soft-shell tacos... which -- in blatant violation of every household rule mom set -- were eaten standing up in the kitchen as we talked, rather than at a table like civilized people. After tacos, we'd sometimes go walk to Third Place Books for dessert, and listen to live local music. Over time, this tradition tapered off, though we've revived Daddy/daughter dinner since we're doing Weight Watchers together on Tuesdays.

Tonight, we did an old-style daddy/daughter dinner night for my birthday dinner. Soft shell tacos, a walk to Third Place Books for hot chocolate and a bit of cheesecake, while we sat and listened to local singers play guitar and sing. (And, this being Seattle, at least a third of the songs were mocking Dubya. bluerain, you'd love Victory Music nights, and they're open mic.) Then we walked home in the rain, and I drove home.

Tired, and I still have a bunch to get done, but it was a nice little interlude.


Well, happy birthday! Glad you had a good one.
That sounds really nice, Rach. I'm glad you had a good evening.


Say hi to Charlie for me next time you see him?
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a super day :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday sweetie!

Hey, will you be there at FC?
It's getting to the point where in my heart I'm already there. :>
That's right, you're moving here, no?
In a way I never left.
I hear what you're saying; this town has a way of getting under your skin... particularly the people here. I think it had jenkitty from hello.
I'm just from there. If I were from somewhere else, my affections would attach to somewhere else. :>
Soon... soon... muahahah!
That's a good icon for you. :)