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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] First Vanguard

Made it to Vanguard this time, and though I was a little shy at first, after Vonda introduced me to various folks I got more into it and really began to enjoy it. Jordan, who was hosting it this month, is an actual rocket scientist (and even has a t-shirt reading "Yes, actually, I am a rocket scientist") and has the most amazing collection of amazing old gadgets. (Like hand-cranked pocket calculators, or an old telephone switching station.) His wife is also a very nice person, though I didn't have much chance to speak to her. I met all kinds of people, and drank champagne -- my first alcohol in almost a year -- to toast Eileen Gunn's Nebula win.

I am tipsy.

But one of the most amusing moments in the night -- and the reason I am posting -- was when Jordan ran upstairs to get something he decided needed to be placed in a position of honor for everyone to admire. He brought down... an original Ozy and Millie strip he had just purchased recently. There was much admiration, and some writing down of webcomic URLs by newly-introduced individuals.

(I can't recall the date offhand, David, as I am too tipsy to negotiate the archives. But in case you were curious, it was Mrs. Mudd admitting that she was getting old because she had said 'In my day.')

Just getting to hang out and enjoy myself, really helped my stress levels. But now I think I should sleeeeeeeep...!
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Had no idea you knew him. :>

And I'm really sorry we didn't hook up! I really meant to, but there was much family stuff and I had a lot of people to see.
No worries. I ended up pretty busy (and a little stressed) the past week or two anyway.

And I can't say for certain I had met Jordan before tonight, though I think we might've met at someone's house before. But I did now!

Did I mention the tipsy? Sleeping soon.
I wanted to ask you, some time, about rents in Fremont.
E-mail me what you're looking for; I'm helping shadowfey and her husband look for apartments in the area, so I'm already keeping an eye on what's for rent nearby for what prices. (If that sentence makes any sense.)


Hi, there, this is Hal.

It was nice to meet you, as well.

Jordin spells his name as I just used. And marykaykare, his wife, also has an LJ.

Re: Vanguard

Ah, I wasn't certain about the spelling. Thanks, both that and Mary Kay's journal are good to know. And yes, it was nice to meet you as well!

I'm actually surprised my post came out that coherent. I don't normally drink, so even one glass of champagne makes me a little silly and babbly.