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[General] Random Updates

My computer seems to be working again now, after refusing to reproduce the problem for the technician. My mother claims that Pixel was scared into shaping up by the thought of being sent away from home for a week to a service center; the service technician agrees with her.

And I discovered Pixel is a boy. (Evidently Applecare technicians have a way of determining a Powerbook's 'sex' by the serial number. So when I was in there, she takes the Powerbook from me and asks, 'What's this one's name?' 'Pixel.' 'Is Pixel a boy or a girl?' 'I... er... have no idea.' 'Let's take a look... ah, okay, you've got a boy here!')

The car is also fixed, again free of charge -- yay warranties -- and working fine. They even cleaned Skuld and left her sparkly-shiny and vacuumed the interior. That made me happy. I wrote the beginning of another story while I was stuck waiting at the service center.

I did get to the local writing critique group I joined, and enjoyed it. Got a little bit of feedback, and am hoping for some more detailed feedback from the folks who took copies of the story home.

Did not, alas, manage to get tickets to the Seattle sneak showing of Serenity despite some time on the phone. I was hoping that would be the karmic balance for my really crappy past few days!

Ah, well, perhaps I shall camp outside the theater next week and look pathetic until someone takes pity and sells me a ticket... ;)
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