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Glare, Grouchy

[General] computer woes...

Got the Powerbook to the Apple Store. Waited for appointment. When at appointment... computer behaved more or less fine. I spent time trying to get it to reproduce the problem, to no avail.

Finally gave up, headed back to my parents' house to return the car. Apple folks said to see if the problem recurs. When I got here to my folks house, I turned on the Powerbook on a whim to add their new wireless network I set up at lunch on my laptop, and... the entire screen turned pink-hued.


Edit: The pink went away. I have given up for the day. I am home, I am putting the computer on a table and leaving it running to see if problems occur, and I am going for a walk.


I ran this by someone I know who's got more than a bit with Apple products, love. His comment was that it was likely a loose connection to the LCD. If it acts up again, jostle the silly thing around to see if it actually affects it. If so, you'll know how to show the repair folk what it's doing.

*hugs* Much luck, love. Hope it helps.
o/~ Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaaaaaal... o/~

(In happier news, am now in the same state as you once again.)
Now I have this rather frightening mental image of a little dragon dancing and singing like Michigan J. Frog.

(And welcome back!)
That explains it. Sorry for buggin' ya. I just haven't been keeping up with LJ since the work issue.
If it makes you feel any better my month old Powerbook has been in the shop for... a month. :)
Ow. Pixel is, thankfully, two years old. And this is the first time it's ever given me trouble.

And of course, since getting it home-home instead of to parent's house, it's now spent the entire evening behaving just fine. Growf. Half of me is happy, and half of me is unnerved...
Now you know why I get paranoid about my PC. The damned things have A.I., I swear.