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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Car et al redux

So, when I called the VW folks today; they immediately knew what's wrong. There's a signal wire from the brakes, the signal that tells the control cluster 'the brakes are on' (and lets the car come out of park when you start it up), which has gone bad on some VW Beetles. The control cluster, of course, having the impression that the brakes have somehow disappeared, kind of freaks out and turns on a number of very scary 'GET TO THE DEALER NOW' lights.

They've actually just issued a recall this week; they say it takes an hour to fix once at the dealer. They also gave me a trick to disable that portion of the control cluster when turning on the car, an 'escape sequence,' as it were, so that the car will (while being Extremely Worried) let me actually move. I'm scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow.

*mrph* At least between that, and managing to get my mother to drive me to the Apple Store at lunch (yes, I can move the VW now, but I'd prefer not to until it's fixed if I don't have to!), my stress is a little lower. Though the loss of Pix for a while is not going to make me happy.


You're hax0ring your bug... or debugging your bug...

There's a joke in there waiting to get out.
Glad that never happened with mine. I'd have been so very unhappy! Although since it's just some... how odd. (And I finally made the final payment on mine, all 500 bucks worth, for the last payment + damage, so no more of it hanging over my head.)

At least it's better somewhat better, though? Gotta love recalls.