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[General] Sparks and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Week

Sorry I didn't get a horse post up this past week; I've just been kind of exhausted. The plumbing in the house broke, and we got that fixed the other week, and I get to take that out of the rent next month, but in the meantime, I'm out a couple hundred bucks. The microwave broke, too, and again, I get to foist that off on the landlords with their permission, but I have to make sure it happens, first. Anyway, so I was a little stressed going INTO last week.

Earlier last week, the thumb-keyboard for my PocketPC PDA-phone began to die. God help me if I want to find another, since this model isn't made anymore. So I'll have to sort out what to do about that, as I use the keyboard quite extensively. I may just give up and upgrade to the iPaq model eventually, since I don't have to worry about where to find iPaq styluses or keypads. The lack of available XDA O2 stuff (what the original T-Mobile Pocket PC phone was, what I have) is why they changed to iPaq for their Pocket PC phone model anyway.

Then on Saturday, on my way home from driving shadowfey's husband around for a few errands, Skuld -- my beloved dark iridescent teal New Beetle -- developed engine trouble. Engine trouble severe enough that it died (and not only died, but locked itself into 'park' mode for 'safety purposes' while blinking some very scary warning lights) in a very busy intersection downtown. For half an hour.

I finally got it started and got it home, frazzled and near-tears. Luckily, I have the ten-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, so whatever it is, as soon as I get it into the dealer, they'll fix it with no charge to me.

I believe in extended warranties.

I figured, after all that. there was nothing else that could go wrong. Nothing, at all.

Ah ha, the universe says. A challenge!

Tonight, Pixel -- my beloved Powerbook -- began to die. It's making a horrible whirring, grinding noise, and the keyboard periodically goes completely on the fritz, as if random function keys and numbers were pressed. It's fine when on a level surface, such as a table or when docked, but undocked and being carried around, or on a lap, it just chokes and spews random junk.

Sending it off to get it fixed will be harsh, since Pix is literally my brain. Not only my e-mail, my newsgroups, my iTunes music library, and so on, but all my writing, and all my random notes on whatever catches my attention, since I use StickyBrain 3 to organize random brainstorm stuff I type up from in my idea notebook. Still, I have an external Firewire drive I used to use for ADC Tiger seeds, and as we speak, I'm cloning Pixel's internal drive onto it so that every little bit of my data is backed up.

I do, also, at least have my writing and stuff on my iDisk, so I can use the iDisk tool on my Windows box to get to them in a pinch. And luckily, Pix is under Applecare, so I just need to get it to the Apple store and it'll be fixed for me all nice and new with no charge. Just a matter of driving it over th...

...oh, wait. MY CAR IS BROKEN.

And I have to somehow drive up to Canada on Friday to pick up wonderwombat, too, so hopefully I can figure out how to fix the car before then. Not to mention drive to my riding lesson on Thursday, and so on.


I'm going to sleep now, since Pix is merrily running along on the backup procedure, to keep all my data.

Can I just sleep through the next week?
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